The Problem

Affecting around 2% of the adult population, psoriasis is a chronic condition characterised by red, flaky, crusty areas of skin, covered in silvery scales. The condition is most common on the elbows, knees, scalp and lower back, but it can appear anywhere on the body.
Psoriasis is normally intermittent in its nature, and sufferers will frequently experience flare ups during stressful times or fluctuations in hormones. While the exact causes of the condition are unknown, triggers can include a skin injury, throat infections and certain medications, and psoriasis frequently runs in families.

The Treatment

Psoriasis can never be ‘cured’ as such, but it can be fully controlled, improving symptoms and preventing flare ups and infections. Our range of treatments for the condition consist of a range of minimally-invasive methods including topical and full-body medications Your treatment method will depend entirely on your needs, and your consultant dermatologist will guide you through your options to ensure the chosen method is the best one for you.