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Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections:

If you are looking for smooth, brighter & fair skin, Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections are the best option for you. Skin whitening or skin lightening involves getting rid of dark complexion, dark marks, skin blemishes and scars. Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections are one of the most powerful antioxidant that protects the body tissues, the brains and the central nervous system against any other free radicals in the body. Glutathione injections are a very good supplement for skin whitening. Book your appointment today for skin whitening treatment in Islamabad with Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections by professional dermatologist.


What is Glutathione and how does it work?

Glutathione is a compound consisting of simple proteins that is constantly required by the human body. Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by the liver. It is also found in fruits, vegetables, and meats. Common food sources are asparagus, watermelon, and avocado. Glutathione is involved in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body.

How Skin Whitening Injections Work?

It has been established that most skin lightening treatments has been involved with the use of glutathione skin whitening injections, pills and use of glutathione cream. Glutathione is directly injected into the body’s blood stream by use of a needle thus producing immediate effects as compared to other forms like the glutathione skin whitening pills and cream that usually takes more time to show results.

When this ingredient is directly injected into the body, it evenly distribute throughout the body. The antioxidant then act on the oxidative damaged cells that brings about a fairer skin with no dark spots, wrinkles, age lines or dark marks. It can help in improving the glow of the skin and the texture of the skin. It has also been known for reducing of the scars, pigmentation and lines.

What is the result of skin whitening injections?

The results of this particular treatment may not be permanent and the user is thus advised to maintain a treatment. The best way to increase this time is by avoiding the factors that causes free molecules in the body such as smoking, stress, pollution, poor diet and sun exposure.

Skin whitening injections Price

The price of glutathione skin whitening injections may vary depending on the reason for administration. The normal skin whitening injections cost in Pakistan is between Rs 10,000 to 12,000.

Skin whitening injections Before and After

skin-whitining-injections-before-afterGlutathione helps to remove toxic substances from the body. It is also more effective as compared to other skin whitening products and cosmetics. There are no high risks that come with the use of glutathione injections as the injections make the people to have beautiful glowing skin.

Is Glutathione Skin whitening injections safe?

Yes Glutathione injections are safe. Glutathione is natural and already present in your body. There are no adverse side effects with the doses used for skin whitening treatment.

How often do I have to do treatments?

A minimum of 10 Glutathione injections, over a span of 10 weeks are required. More injections will be needed for better results.